I am fond of that acronym.

It is composed of me, KP, Kate, Trixy, Rhoane, Sophie and Reina. I thought Karen is one of us, but it (ask me why I used “it” instead of  “her” or rather “he!!!”) refused our invitation to join us. It said,” Wag niyo ako isama sa kalokohan niyo!!!”

It used to be called “LG” and KP gave the name. LG means Lafang Girls (hilarious, right? Maybe you have the idea why Karen refused). It was not that we were excessively gluttonous! We just loved to attend feasts of our dear friends. We loved to eat and share our foods with one another.

While we were at Trixy’s place during their fiesta (actually, our exact location that time was outside STM grocery eating Cornetto). While munching our Cornetto, Rhoane renamed our group. It was called “DH” from that time on. It means Dead Hunger/Hungry (whoa! This was even more hilarious than the previous one). Since we liked the name, it became DH!

I made this phrase and it applied so much to us!
“Habang tumatagal, lalong kumakapal.”
KP (first year)
Kate (first year)
Kate (second year)


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