Honesty is the Best yet the Worst

My beloved section during my high school years~ Oh the memories. *sniffs*
I assume you’re asking why honesty is the best yet the worst?

Best for it was my best year! I made a lot of friends (almost all of my classmates including the bullies >:))!  And I think it is more than that (I can’t discuss it all, just wait for my entry for Honesty in the Origins of Species page).

Worst for based in the eyes of our dear teachers, we were.  We were dubbed as section UNITY for our not-so-good acts and we were literally disobeying the rules and regulations of our dear former alma mater. And we had fun doing it (sadists? haha!). We became notoriously known school-wide because of it and somehow were proud of it. That’s how we think. Haha! This post is getting pretty long, don’t you think?


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