Ota-COOL ☺☺☺

Just like what I said in the “At Your Service,” I am a super otaku, but I didn’t want to make some another otaku site because there are lots and lots of them containing news about anime or manga or MMORPG stuffs.

I was not an otaku at first. Just a big fan of Tom and Jerry at Cartoon Network. I am an otaku since Bleach aired on GMA 7 on April 16, 2007 at 5:00 PM (whoa! I still remembered it, what a sharp memory *claps* lol). Since I watched Bleach, I became an otaku. I was always looking forward to watching it that time. I even abandoned my bonding time with my beloved friends! When GMA ended airing Bleach right at episode 109, I started to became a wee parsimonious so that I could go to DNIC computer shop to watch Bleach’s latest episodes every lunch break! I even joined a forum only to be banned but I came back after 2 years. Haha!

Now I am in college, I started collecting anime DVDs. I always go to Quiapo, Manila to buy with a minimum of five DVDs. I actually have a “suki” there who gives me a discount for my loyalty over these years. Now I have over a hundred DVDs in my collection. Yeah, I know it is awesome. 🙂

I even attend anime conventions! But I guess I am starting this year with my another otaku friend, Aye, as I call her. Hahaha. Love it. I wanna go cosplay. So I hunt for a yukata or a “summer kimono” or a Gothic Lolita (Harajuku fashion popular among teens) kimono just like the photo below. I want a pink or a red one.

Gothic Lolita Yukata

Gothic Lolita Yukata



Now, I am busy studying and organizing my events as an Academic Director at Adamson University – Association of Civil Engineering Students. I guess my days after vacation as an Otaku will temporarily end again. 😦 I will miss my DVDs and manga.

I’ll just post the links of my otaku adventures here.
the plushies
Ozine Forum
Ozine Forum Members


2 thoughts on “Ota-COOL ☺☺☺

  1. ano yung parsimonius?????haha…wag kang ganan sa blog mko,hindi ko alam yun!!!hahaha…pareho pla tayo ng discovery sa bleach…haaaaay….magaling na seiyuu si yasmien kurdi…

    • parsimonious? it means frugal. haha! ganun ba? ok sige, ndi ko na gagawin ang habit ko. bad habit pala un!
      i agree, magaling si yasmien! XD

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