The Story So Far

Second Year…
Few new classmates, new friends, new subjects.
The most significant part of this year was that I, for the first time in my whole life, failed a subject. Yes, I did. I was kinda depressed for my parents who pay my tuition. On the other hand, I didn’t regret failing the said subject. It was actually an angel in disguise for I have to repeat the subject and learn about it and be friends with the subject. Hahahaha! Yeah, be friends with the subject. Now I love that subject. As in. Summer, i met new friends from other courses. I love them all. Then there was Engineering Qualifying Exam. I swear I’d make a comeback. AND I DID!!! Hahahaha! i returned my ruined reputation and become the overall top 7 on the said exam.

Third Year…
As usual, new classmates but on a new block, new pals mostly men, new experiences.
This year is the most significant year. There are a lot of first times this year. Made mistakes, made an enemy, made new circle of friends, expanded my world. My knowledge of friends, booze, boys, love, pain, hate, society became a whole lot wider. Most are first-hand experiences that I will never ever forget.

All these are the story so far. Better watch out for the update and the stories in detail!