Dream House

I bet all of us has his own version of a dream house.

A mansion with balcony plus an olympic-sized pool inside Forbes Park? Don’t ever forget the garage.

But this is not what I actually wanted.

I have a plan (drawing) in mind but I won’t post it here. Lololol (Yeah, I have not drawn it!)

My dream home would be a Baroque-Japanese style. I still do not know how to fuse them but I would love to have the sliding door. Hahahaha! I know it is very unlikely to have a sliding door in Baroque architecture. 

Let’s skip that and go straight to ze rooms!

Of course there’d be the typical bedrooms, living room, dining area, kitchen, bathrooms. What I want are something unusual. Surreal? Nah. Maybe I watched too much of Cartoon Network’s shows.

In short, I want:

  • Library/Study – it doesn’t have to be as huge as that in Beast’s castle in Beauty and the Beast. I just want to have a decent shelves for my beloved books.
  • Laboratory – because I envy Dexter’s huge lab.
  • Toy Room – dedicated to my toy collection!
  • Karaoke Room – I spent too much lunch money for KTV’s at Metrowalk and Karaoke Hub in SM Manila. So I want one.
  • Theater – a projector plus white wall plus very comfy couch. And a bunch of external HDDs. 
  • Onsen – I am not fond of pools. I would design it as closely as that in Japan.
  • Studio – for my crafts, invetions and stuffs.

So this is what I pictured to have when I finally settle down. Huehuehue. Probably I would just revamp the future existing house we’d have.