Me and Tarot Reading

Out of sheer curiosity, Catherine and I queued for the most popular stall at the BDJ Fair, tarot reading. The stall always had the longest line.

I really don’t believe in forecasting. However, it was fun hearing your “future” from forecasters.

It’s my turn now. 

The forecaster was handsome. Really, really handsome. But, man, he likes men, too. That aside, he shuffled the cards and told me to divide the deck into four. 

He glanced at the cards and told me (1) I was a hopeless romantic. *stabs*; (2) has work related problems right now *mukya!*; (3) has great chance of being overseas; and (4) two job offers will come and I have to choose one that’s better because it would be the growth of my career.

He also told me that I had low confidence. I just have to pump it up to achieve the goals I’ve set. He said I had a business plan in mind that never came true because of my low self-confidence.

Next, he asked me to ask him a question.

I was actually surprised. I thought he’ll just lay it out for me. My, bad. 



Me: Yayaman po ba ako? (Lols)

Forecaster: Four cards. 

Me: (I picked four cards from the deck.) 

F: You will. But may tutulong sa iyo. Lalaki.  

Me: (Really? This creature? A man will help?) Paano ko po siya makikilala?

F: Four cards. 

Me: No, no! Ibang tanong na lang. Uh, uhm, *think!!!* Mapu-fulfill ko ba Ph. D. (or master’s degree) ko?

F: Four cards. *me picks 4* Yes, you will. May mga makakasama ka. It might be abroad. Money’s not an issue. You just have to finish it. Next question. 

Me: (Wala na akong maisip. Ugh. ‘Kay fine. Yung classic na tanong na lang.) Uh, yung true love ko po? Uh, paano ko siya makikilala? Description. Ganon.

F: Four cards. *I pick four.* Bagong company. Boss level. He’s the one who will help you I mentioned earlier.*leans over the next table where Catherine is* Teh, ‘di ba lalaki ito? Boss level. 

Forecaster 2: Oo, teh. Tama. *looks at me* Boss nga. Siya na nga yung The One. 

F: *shows me the King card*

Me: (I was baffled.) Nakilala ko na po ba siya? Paano kami nagkakilala?

F: Bagong company. Mabilis yung mga pangyayari so watch out. It might be within two years. Basta mabilis. Girl, baka ‘di ka maniwala sa mga sinabi ko ah. But those are accurate. Lakasan mo lang loob mo. You can do it. ^^

I was actually smiling when I left the table. Especially dun sa yayaman na part. Lols.

We will see if any, or all, of them comes true.